Talent needs direction. Passion needs purpose.

The Cedars Union was established as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit arts organization to help local artists take their practice to the next level. With a staff that has decades of program experience on a national and local level, we hope to create an art program that will be a legacy for generations to come.


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The Cedars Union promises a significant new advance for the Dallas arts community, helping artists to fortify their studio practice, while facilitating connection and collaboration.
— Jeremy Strick, Director, Nasher Sculpture Center


The Cedars Union’s mission is to provide resources including studios, tools, programs, and pro-bono services for creatives, foster a collaborative and supportive artist community, and advance the arts in North Texas.

The 7,000 sq. ft. building hosts micro-studios, common work space, tools, equipment and classrooms for the use of all its members. Artists of all mediums will work side by side, being creative, and generating a unique synergy.

The CU has a comprehensive approach to helping emerging artists become financially successful. The CU has a team of experienced professionals with skills that are unique to this concept of arts,  entrepreneurship and business. Our programs equip emerging creatives with the business skills and acumen to thrive as working artists.


North Texas is a vibrant international art community where art is celebrated and artists thrive.

As much as art gives life to its patrons, it can provide for its creators.


Inspire collaboration between the community and the arts; be inclusive and diverse; uphold the highest standards; respect artists' creative expression; and protect artists' rights.

The art community often lacks cohesion and a collective vision. Many artists are never able to be integrated and admired in the broader community. The incubator seeks to cultivate, integrate, and proliferate the work of artists of every background and style.