The Cedars Union annex opens in 2018!

The Cedars Union was established as a non-profit whose mission is to provide studios, programs, and tools for creatives, foster a collaborative and supportive artist community, and advance the arts in North Texas. The CU Annex will fulfill the mission by offering year-round creative programming and artist-only workshops to develop business knowledge and skills. All Annex artists will play a part in helping mold the future of The CU while taking their practice to the next level.

Shop Artists

studio Artists

Becoming a Studio Artist at The CU is a great way for getting affordable micro-studio space with access to tools and workshops.


  • 24/7 artist access to studios, tools, and workshops
  • Access to professional meeting space
  • Listed on CU website with link
  • All benefits associated with General Membership*
  • Shop safety training
  • Free CU Artist-specific Programs
  • Free CU Artist-specific Workshops
  • Free CU Artist-specific Tours
  • Free CU Artist-specific Demos
  • Discounts on special Artist-specific Programs, Workshops, Tours, and Demos

Studio Member Duration:
Studio Artist benefits are only active during
studio lease.

Studio Leases:  3-month

Rental Rates:  $1.50 sq ft for 3-month lease
                         $1.25 sq ft for 6-month lease
                         $1.00 sq ft for 9-month lease

Becoming a Shop Artist at The CU is perfect for those who need access to tools and workshops, want to stay connected with other artists, but don't need micro-studio space.


  • 24/7 artist access to facility at Day Rate options
  • Day-use lockers
  • All benefits associated with General Membership*
  • Shop safety training
  • Discounted Artist-specific Programs
  • Discounted Artist-specific Workshops
  • Discounted Artist-specific Tours
  • Discounted Artist-specific Demos

Day Rate options:  $55/day
                                 $80/2-day consecutive block

Notes: * All artists must pay annual dues of $125 once accepted, which includes all benefits associated with General Membership. (Refer to General Membership page for more information).  The maximum number of Studio Artists at any given time is 15. Maximum number of Shop Artists at any given time is currently estimated at 30. Rates may vary.

To find out how to become a Studio or Shop Artist at The CU, click on the buttons below.