The Cedars Union offers multiple studio rental lease options. New applications are accepted year-round for consideration. If all studios are occupied at time of acceptance, artists are put on a waiting list until requested studio space becomes available.

The studios have a micro-studio set-up with direct access to resources and benefits which range from shops, tools, artist networking opportunities, business training, and parking. Studios are available for 3-month, 6-month, or 9-month leases. Studio leases may be renewed, but requests must be submitted 1 month prior to end of current lease. Artists may renew up to 3 times and may change lease durations. With the goal of serving as many artists as possible and the limited number of studio spaces, studio lease renewals cannot exceed 18 months in total.

micro studio small 3qtr.jpg


  • Must complete shop safety training
    before move-in

  • Must pay annual dues*

Available Studio Sizes:

  • (6) 8’x 8’ (64 sq ft)

  • (2) 10’x 12’ (120 sq ft)

  • (4) 8’x 16’ (128 sq ft)

  • (3) 10’x 20’ (200 sq ft)

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Studio Rental Rates (Based on Lease Duration):

  • 3-month lease: $1.50/sqft

  • 6-month lease: $1.25/sqft

  • 9-month lease: $1.00/sqft

Notes: * Studio Artists must pay annual dues of $125 once accepted and awarded a studio. Artist memberships are juried. The maximum number of Studio Artist members at any given time is 15. Rates may vary.


Questions About the Application Process?


Or visit the Studio Artist membership page.