Beading and Embroidery Basics

Instructor: Cat Rigdon

Embroidery has been part of our history for thousands of years. Humans have used a variety of different materials to adorn their clothing and ceremonial objects, from rocks and glass to porcupine quills. This approachable art-form does not require advanced techniques or materials, you just need fabric, needle, thread, and beads. Cat will cover how to choose materials for your project, how to transfer an image or idea, and finally how to produce it with basic embroidery and beading techniques.

This introduction to beading and embroidery can be achieved in a single two to three hour class. If the student would like to expand their skills or learn how to use non-traditional materials, additional classes can be arranged. Tools will be provided for use during the class (or to take home through the duration of the lessons). Class can accommodate ages 10 and up. All materials included.

Estiamted prices are $55/hr for 1 student, $75/hr for 2 students, and $95/hr for three students. The best meet times for Cat are between 11am and 9pm Mon-Sun. Please contact for questions or scheduling.
Cat Rigdon is a fiber artist and painter based in Dallas, Texas. She grew up on the island of Cyprus, which embedded the island's strong folk art and naturalism culture in Rigdon’s work. Rigdon graduated from Texas State University with a BFA in 2014. Her exploration in multimedia-embroidery has resulted in Rigdon receiving the DeGolyer Memorial Fund Award from the Dallas Museum of Art and a solo exhibition at Galleri Urbane in Dallas, Texas.