Drypoint Intaglio Private Lesson - Cedars Union Take a Tour


Instructor: Adrienne Lichliter-Hines

Intaglio is a type of printing where ink is wiped over a plate leaving ink in any indented or abraded surfaces. The ink is transferred to paper via a printing press, resulting in repeatable black and white drawing, similar to an etching. Unlike like etching with acid baths, drypoint achieves line variation through the pressure applied from the needle tool. This required pressure sometimes leads to less predictable lines, but also does not require any acid bath etching, allowing the process to become much more straight forward.

An introduction to drypoint printing can be achieved in a single three hour class using a copper plate. If the student would like to refine their skills, or learn how to apply the process to illustration board or plexiglass, additional classes can be arranged. Students will be provided with tools to use during the class (or to take home through the duration of the lessons) as well as any necessary plates for the student’s needs. The Cedars Union printing press can print up to 9x12 prints. Class can accommodate ages 13 and up.

Estimated prices are $55/hr for 1 student, $70/hr for 2 students, and $85/hr for three students. The best meet times for Adrienne are between 3pm and 9pm Mon-Thu. Please contact info@cedarsunion.org to for questions or scheduling.
Adrienne Lichliter-Hines is the Marketing and Programs Manager of The Cedars Union. She has an MFA in printmaking from Clemson University, and has taught printmaking at Clemson, University of North Texas, Oil and Cotton, the Creative Art Center, The Crow Museum of Asian Art, the Nasher Sculpture Center, the Southern Graphics Council International, and the Mid America Print Council. She has a modest printmaking studio in the Cedars at Dallas Heritage Village.