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Becoming a Community Member at The CU is perfect for those who need access to tools and workshops and want to stay connected with other artists but do not need micro-studio space. Applicants are accepted year-round.
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    Your gift of Palladium advances the work of The Cedars Union in providing spaces, resources, and programs for our exceptional community of artists, while promoting the central role of arts and design to the public. Thank you for your support of this enterprising Art Incubator and the nurturing of creative innovation in North Texas.


    • 3 Seasonal Happy Hours with CU Artists (winter, spring, summer)
    • Black Cedars Union limited-edition T-shirt with gold-embossed design and lettering
    • Owl of Minerva Copper and Enamel Pin
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        Palladium $15 / MONTH OR $180 ONE TIME Annual DONATION

        $15 Monthly Donation
        $180 Annual Donation

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