Instructor: Matt Bowdon

In this two to three session class, we will go over the basics of shop safety and woodshop tools use by building and finishing a chair in the style of a Donald Judd’s “Front Shelf Chair 84.” Donald Judd, a famous American Minimalist and founder of Marfa’s popular Chinati Foundation, furnished his living spaces with furniture reminiscent of the forms in his fine art sculptures. The Judd Foundation provides the furniture plans to the public domain, and due to their simplicity, many of the pieces make excellent intro to woodshop classes. In the course of this class students will learn how to use the table saw and joinery basics. The first class will cover how to use the tools and secure joints. With two or less students the first session may also accomplish chair cuts, gluing, and clamping the chair. For two or more students a second session would be necessary. The last session will go over finishing the wood surface with sanding and finishing coats.

This class generally requires three two hour classes, but is dependent on the class size and needs of the student. Children ages 13 to 16 must take the class with a parent or guardian. The material cost included in the hourly rate accounts for building a chair with cabinet grade plywood (pictured). If the student would rather use a hardwood, Matt will help guide that selection and purchase.

Estimated prices are $60/hour for one student, $75/hour for two students, $100/hour for three students. Matt’s best times to meet are Monday through Wednesday between 2pm and 7pm, and Saturdays between 1pm and 4pm. Please email for questions and scheduling.
Matt Bowdon is the Cofounder, Creative Director, and Woodshop Guru of The Cedars Union. He has an BA in Industrial Design from Savannah College of Art and Design. In 2017 Matt and his sister Megan Bowdon Wilkinson launched Dalahast Studios, a furniture and design company specializing in customizable pieces using a wide range of tools and technology. At The Cedars Union Matt uses his skills to teach artists 3D printing, design software, and frequent workshops in our woodshop.