Instructor: Matt Bowdon

In this two part class, we will go over the basics of shop safety and the use of The Cedars Union’s woodshop tools by building a plywood toolbox / tote that you can use to store and carry your stuff! This beginner project will introduce students to the tablesaw, band saw, pin nailers, and plunge routers, as well as the basics of joinery. The box can be simplified for children 12 and up accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The class should generally take two 2.5 hour sessions. The first session will begin with shop safety procedures and the basics of how to use the necessary tools for the project. We will finish up this class by reviewing the cut plan for the project, and then cutting out the various components needed for the toolbox. In the second session, we will dry fit, and then glue-up and apply a basic finish to the tool box. No prior woodworking or woodshop experience is necessary. Students ages 12-16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Estimated prices are $60/hr for 1 person, $75/hr for 2 people, $100/hr for three people. Matt’s best times to meet are Monday through Wednesday between 2pm and 7pm, and Saturdays between 1pm and 4pm. Please contact for questions or scheduling.
Matt Bowdon is the Cofounder, Creative Director, and Woodshop Guru of The Cedars Union. He has an BA in Industrial Design from Savannah College of Art and Design. In 2017 Matt and his sister Megan Bowdon Wilkinson launched Dalahast Studios, a furniture and design company specializing in customizable pieces using a wide range of tools and technology. At The Cedars Union Matt uses his skills to teach artists 3D printing, design software, and frequent workshops in our woodshop.