Instructor: Adrienne Lichliter-Hines

Lithography is a planographic printing process that makes a repeatable image with the principal that water and oil repel each other. Traditionally this process is done on lithography stones but printers have adapted to using other matrix materials. In this workshop CU staff member and printmaker Adrienne Lichliter Hines will teach the student(s) the basics of lithographic mark making, processing, and printing using small polyester plates. The result of the artwork can be line based, painterly, and even photographic.

The basics of this class can be taught in one three hour session making a print of test marks, or done in two sessions in order for the student(s) to print a more elaborate drawing. The etching press used at The Cedars Union can only print prints smaller than 8x10 inches.

Estimated prices are $55/hr for 1 student, $70/hr for 2 students, and $85/hr for three students. The best meet times for Adrienne are between 3pm and 9pm Mon-Thu. Please contact info@cedarsunion.org for questions or scheduling.
Adrienne Lichliter-Hines is the Marketing and Programs Manager of The Cedars Union. She has an MFA in printmaking from Clemson University, and has taught printmaking at Clemson, University of North Texas, Oil and Cotton, the Creative Art Center, The Crow Museum of Asian Art, the Nasher Sculpture Center, the Southern Graphics Council International, and the Mid America Print Council. She has a modest printmaking studio in the Cedars at Dallas Heritage Village.