Instructor: Laura J. Lawson

Watercolor is a water-based, translucent paint with a variety of applications. The relatively fast drying time of water makes watercolor painting an easy option for plein-air painting and people watching. This medium is a favorite for those who like to make a full painting in one to two sessions, including anyone who keeps a travel journal, bullet journal, or daily sketchbooks. Watercolor is a great choice for anyone wanting more creativity in their spare time.

While watercolor can be used for large, intensive paintings, this course is to introduce beginners to the medium with a range of techniques. Sessions will include how to use the paint with different brushes, color mixing and color theory, painting objects from observation, painting landscapes from observation, and painting from photo references. Students with zero art experience are welcome, though students with some watercolor experience will still find these sessions helpful. All materials are included. Class can accommodate ages 18 and up.

This class can be done in a single 2-3 hour session and up to five 2 hour sessions. Estimated prices are $65/hr for 1 student, $75/hr for 2 students, and $85/hr for three students. The best meet times to meet Laura are Tuesdays and Thursdays between 2pm and 9pm, and Saturdays between 10am and 4pm. Please contact for questions or scheduling.
Laura J. Lawson is an artist and educator with an MFA in painting from The University of Memphis. She has taught painting and drawing at The University of Memphis, Austin College, Dallas College, Tarrant County College, and as private lessons and community workshops. She was a member of Cedars Union's Cohort 1 and is a current Community Member.