Monthly Artist Members at The CU

The Cedars Union is an artist incubator community that offers year-round creative programming and artists-only workshops for increasing career and business knowledge and skills. All artists will play an integral part in helping mold the future of The CU.

The Cedars Union now offers artists who do not need micro-studio rental space the option to become a non-studio member, which provides access to The CU tools, programs, and other resources.


How To Apply


  • Must be a practicing artist coming out of a BA, MA or MFA program

  • Or must be a practicing artist of 3 or more years


  • Must complete shop safety training


$80.00 per month - Access to tools, labs, woodshop, meeting and work spaces.

$100.00 per month - All of the above, plus exclusive workshops and programming.

The Annex Facilities

The 7,000 square-foot Cedars Union Annex is an artist incubator community which acts as a model for the future of the organization.

Highlighted Features & Amenities:

• Year-round programming
• Shop safety training
• Staff available 9am - 5pm
• Keycard entrance and exit points
• Accessible free parking

• Tool access for multiple artistic practices
• Community gathering space
• Small meeting space for artists and client meetings
• Gallery wall with proper lighting for Annex artists
• Hi-speed secured WiFi
• Artist specific workshops